Monday, January 19, 2015

President's Desk: Jason Marker, MD, FAAFP

Welcome to my first blog post as your 2015 President of the American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation! Some of you just got here from a link in an email about a “President’s Update” – thanks for following that link. Others of you found your way here on your own. Either way, I am pleased to share some brief information about what I see shaping up for 2015.

First off, social media. Here is the information you need about accessing our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Please “like us” and follow these sites as they will be updated regularly (but I promise not obsessively) throughout the year with information about the Foundation and my activities on its behalf. We have accounts with Instagram and others (even a Foundation Pintrest account!) but I’m over-the-hill technologically speaking (I’m turning 44 this year!) and better stick to the basics. Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, Picasa

For longer exchanges of information, I’ll be using this blog, though we’ll let you know about new posts with a link from an email. If you want to be added to this email list let us know.

As we start the year I want to lay out in broad brush strokes what I think will be the highlights of 2015. There are several, so here they are in tabular form:
  • Corporate Roundtable event has been specifically redesigned with corporate feedback in mind to better achieve the goals of information-sharing with these critical partners.
  • Our third Family Medicine Cares International trip to Haiti in February (February 21-28) is packed with attendees and will build on past work of community service, patient care, and educational support for that country’s four medical schools and two family medicine residencies.
  • We will be launching our super-awesome, action-packed, all-new, this-ain’t-your-grandfather’s, Family Medicine Leads Emerging Leader Institute in the summer. This conference wants to be an innovative two-day leadership skills event, immersing hand-picked medical students and Family Medicine residents in a high-end experience-based opportunity to create new leaders for our specialty. Family Medicine needs more than just a broader pipeline of new physicians, we need a more expansive “leadership pipeline” of creative thinkers - Emerging Leaders who aren’t just thinking outside the box, but who think in ways that ignore that a box ever existed.
  • The Foundation will have a robust presence at the first redesigned AAFP annual event, now called the Family Medicine Experience (FMX). This September 29 - October 3 in Denver launches FMX and the Foundation will be found worthy of a place at the table of this new model of “annual meeting”. I’ll hope to see you there.
  • The AAFP Foundation will continue its strong leadership within Family Medicine for America’s Health (FMAH) – a strategic plan and communications program for our specialty. AAFP Foundation representatives can be found at all levels of this new entity whose aim is to “re-present” Family Medicine to America as the “must-have” vehicle for better health and as the only possible solution to the ills of the US Healthcare system. I’ll make sure you hear lots more about this as the year progresses.
Well, that’s probably enough for now. My goal is to keep you up-to-date with information about our Foundation and to hope that a tiny bit of my excitement about our future as a specialty rubs off on you. Don’t forget to connect with us on your favorite social media platform! Blessings for a meaningful new year…

Jason Marker, MD, MPA, FAAFP
AAFP President
Private Practice Physician, Wyatt, IN


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